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Clearwater Real Estate Informational Guide

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This is Clearwater Real Estate

Enjoy this Clearwater Real Estate page made for YOU by the experts at Prime International Real Estate. We want you to be informed about the area and share the knowledge you need to make smart decisions in real estate. You can start by watching the short video here to get an idea about the City of Clearwater. We have provided you with a lot of great information about Clearwater that you can’t find anywhere else. Remember to subscribe to our monthly guide to get deeper information about the area and surrounding!

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Clearwater Real Estate PRIME Data

Listing Price vs. Sales Price

clearwater real estate list price
clearwater real estate list price 2

Rent vs. Own

  • Rent
  • Own

Distressed Property Heat Map

clearwater real estate distressed2
clearwater real estate distressed

Price Range of Homes Sold

Home Value Heat Map

clearwater real estate home value2
clearwater real estate home value

Age Range of Homes Sold

Clearwater Real Estate Area Guide

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