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Posted by jtudor on July 27, 2018
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Half of U.S. homes are now more valuable than before the real-estate bubble burst

The median home value has risen more than 8% over the past year

Published: July 27, 2018 1:24 a.m. ET
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There’s a split emerging in the U.S. housing market: Some are becoming more valuable than ever, while others struggle to emerge from the financial crisis.

More than half of the homes nationwide are now more valuable than their pre-recession peaks, according a report released Thursday by real-estate website Zillow ZG, -1.98% The national median home value is now $217,300, an increase of 8.3% on the year and 8.4% above the bubble-era peak. In 21 of the nation’s 35 largest markets, the median home value is now at an all-time high.

Driving much of the home value appreciation nationwide is a reduction in the number of homes available on the market. Inventory contracted 4.8% over the past year. Indeed, the tight supply of homes for sale has contributed to what some have called the most competitive home buying season on record.

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Some markets have rebounded faster than others post-recession. In seven of the country’s largest housing markets — Dallas-Ft. Worth, Seattle, Denver, San Antonio, San Jose, Austin and Portland, Ore. — more than 95% of homes are worth more than the pre-housing boom peak.

Denver has experienced a particularly notable rebound: The median value is now $397,700, or 65.5% higher than its previous peak in 2006, and more than 99% of homes are more valuable than they were in the bubble years.

Share of homes worth more than pre-recession peak

United States 50.4%
New York, N.Y. 28.5%
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, Calif. 64.4%
Chicago, Ill. 14.6%
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas 97.7%
Philadelphia, Pa. 35.9%
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 9.6%
Atlanta, Ga. 64.3%
Seattle, Wash. 97.3%
St. Louis, Mo. 51.3%
Tampa, Fla. 18.9%
Denver, Colo. 99.6%

But almost the opposite is happening in Las Vegas, where less than 1% of homes are worth more than their pre-recession peak. “Despite widespread and consistent home value growth today, the scars of the recession still run deep for millions of longer-term U.S. homeowners, and it may take years of growth for their home to regain the value lost a decade ago,” Zillow senior economist, Aaron Terrazas, wrote in the report.

Meanwhile, renters are faring somewhat better these days, according to Zillow. The median rent nationwide only increased 1.3% over the past year to $1,440, marking the second straight month in which rent appreciation has fallen below the overall rate of inflation.

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